Plastic consumption in the World

We are living in a world where the singular consumption of plastic is increasing.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life, convenience, and consumerism make these materials increasingly useful. However, this has also become something commonplace, where we are unaware of daily consumption, and not even the impacts it will have on the environment

In 1950, the world produced about 2 million tonnes a year. 65 years later, production increased to 381 million

The frantic consumption of plastic together with the lack of awareness of depositing them in the appropriate places for recycling will cause more than 1.3 billion tons of plastic to reach the oceans and moorings in the next 20 years without intervention.
Talking about the year 2020, the pandemic caused by COVID-19 meant that the single-use consumption of plastic that was predicted for the next decade increased by as much as 40% with states and countries moving away from reusable products, and municipalities reducing their recycling operations due to health concerns.
The pandemic also disrupted global waste management systems and caused significant cuts in plastic prices, thereby encouraging consumption.

For the future, shocking data that the cumulative input for 2025 would be almost 20 times the estimate of 8 million metric tons

More than ever, it is necessary to approach the subject and make each other aware, starting with the minimum: giving up several single-use plastics that we use daily, making conscious choices, and believing in improving the environment.

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