What is reed?

Plastic straws - one of the causes of climate change and immense environmental damage

More than 10 billion plastic straws are floating in the ocean.

Plastic straws pollute and damage our oceans, and also:

  • decompose in upwards of 200 years;
  • kill sea biodiversity and ecosystems.

We have a sustainable and fully biodegradable alternative: reed straws.

Why reed?
Reed straws come from nature and go back to nature.

Reed is a common name for tall, grass-like plants of wetlands.
Some people call it - REED, some CANE, but both of those names mean the same plant. There are different types of reeds, and their uses vary depending on the reed structure.
Using reed as our raw material also helps to prevent wildfires in the dry reed fields that could harm the ecosystem.
We use reed that grows in tens of thousands of hectares in Eastern Europe and is considered a weed to most.
Reed is fully renewable resource. It grows back naturally within a year from harvest, unlike bamboo, which takes up to two years, and trees that take up to 15 years.
Controlled pruning of reed is carried out for ecological purposes by preventing potential wildfires in the drylands of reed. Also, it's a local population's traditional occupation.
Reed played a crucial role in the lives of our ancestors and even still today. It is used as biofuel, building material for roofs, walls, matts and huts. Today we present a new important function for reed.

Reed advantages:

  • Doesn’t get soggy before you finish your drink.
  • Doesn’t release cellulose fibres into your beverage.
  • Withstands temperatures over 120 celsius.
  • Made of renewable raw materials.
  • No facilitated composting necessary.
  • Organic & Biodegradable.
  • 100% Natural.
Reed disadvantages:
  • Can not be standardized (single stem cut).
  • Reed straws may have natural pigmentation.
Straws and Stuff’s Reed straws are ideal for:
  • Smoothies.
  • Milkshakes.
  • Bubble Tea.
  • Any thicker blended beverage.
  • Cocktails and really, pretty much any drink

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