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Straws and Stuff is a supplier of from nature back to nature, fully biodegradable straws, utensils and to-go containers, based in Canada. Don’t worry about the plastic ban because our eco-friendly products can help you with our natural, sustainable and cost-effective alternatives!

Straws and Stuff provide 100% biodegradable quality products to help restaurants and cafes in the transition to a green and more sustainable economy while keeping an eye towards costs and compliance.

One of the goals of Straws and Stuff is to educate and raise awareness in the community on the importance of reducing the use of single-use plastics, in such a way that when they go to an establishment, they will expect and push to have and receive more sustainable options.

Mission: Our mission is to shake up the supply chain and provide biodegradable straws, packaging, and container alternatives for restaurants and cafes.

Vision: In recognition that human behavior doesn't change overnight, we envision a world where the products that restaurants and cafes provide to customers are all fully biodegradable, from nature back to nature products; we believe that everything we need is provided by nature, we just have to find the right materials for the right products.

Values: Quality, Service, Care - People, Planet, and Profitability for our customers while maintaining quality and compliance.

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