What is REED?

No, It’s not bamboo! No, It’s not sugar cane! No, It’s not wood!

Simply stated, Reed is the general botanical term used for tall, grass-like plants of wetlands.

Within the grass family, there are different types of reeds and their uses vary depending on the reed structure. People have used reed to construct houses, build boats, thatch roofs or even to create music. Yes, music! Reed is one of the main components to make woodwind instruments like clarinets, saxophones and oboes.

How are we using reed?

We are using it to offer a biodegradable and sustainable replacement for single-use plastic straws. Our reed Straws are disposable but not harmful to the environment. They don’t require special conditions to degrade and when used at home, they can be used multiple times and even washed in the dishwasher.  

These natural straws are sturdier than paper straws but cheaper than bamboo or steel straws

No composting is necessary, they never get soggy and they don’t release cellulose fibres into water. They withstand temperatures over 120 celsius so they can be used for hot drinks as well as for cold drinks. Our Reed Straws are bar-friendly!
If these are not enough reasons to switch to reed Straws, keep REEDing and discover more ways in which these natural drinking straws are helping to take care of the environment.

2 in 1

Huge fields of dry reed could become potentially dangerous for the ecosystem, so where often people consciously set drylands on fire, we are there to cut the dry reed and help to prevent this from happening every year.

A fleet of vehicles moves through the wetlands cutting the reed. The plants are cut into segments, so if a fire begins, it won’t expand to the entire field of dry reeds. This preventive action generates huge amounts of organic reed that is not subject to any chemical treatments. The question is, what to do with it and minimize the waste? This is how our reed Straws are born.

The reed stem is cleaned inside and outside at a temperature of 140 degrees and is processed with ozone and dried under infrared waves. Reed remains are biodegradable as nature designed it to be. Our reed straw comes from nature and goes back to nature.

There it is, 2 in 1! We are not only creating a sustainable replacement for single-use plastic straws but also, we are preventing wildfires that could create more pollution and harm the environment. 

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